Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DPS screenshots for forum discussion purposes :)

There you go. Heart strike DPS using deathstrike for DRM with another DK. That's 4 diseases up, and 6 with both DRW out.

2200 DPS in green gear is nothing to sneeze at. That's average DPS, not burst. While using DRW, i'd say that it was roughly 3000 DPS for that window while it's out (while burning hyseteria), depending on how well my rune rotations were lined up.

Edit: This post is going to end up a new screen shot repository over the next week or two, so it will be updated constantly.


Anonymous said...

This was done solo (without the extra diseases) a few days ago

Anonymous said...

was the entire test against level 57 mobs?

Knaughty said...

was the entire test against level 57 mobs?

Casters can test DPS against Dr Boom - he's high 60s, has half a million or so health, and stands there while you nuke him (so long as you're 30 yards or so back).

Melee have no similar option: The only thing you can DPS test against are the unkillable mobs near the dark portal.

It's a fair test, giving peak DPS. You can easily convert from level 57 mobs to bosses by looking at miss/dodge/parry rates for level 83 mobs. Only even vaguely difficult bit would be to calculate the armour coefficients of the banished mob and the boss you're going after.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, that healing offered by your DS is insane ... with Vampiric Blood turned on it would have healed you for 9k, which would be approx. 90% of your maximum health ... the healing done by this ability sure needs to be capped.

Bagarn71 said...

I am really enjoying reading about your experiences with Deathknight and so on. I do have a fear though.
In the screenshot where you and the other DK has like 1700 and 2200 dps on the Servant of Razelikh. I am wondering how 'in line' this kinda dps is compared to ther classes in the same kinda gear. 1700-2200dps in quest gear seems like a HUGE difference compared to what i have in my quested BC gear at 70. Are massive nerfs in DPS to be expected?

Believer said...

Is it intended, at this point, that DK diseases should stack for the purposes of Heart Strike, Death Strike, etc? I can't imagine that will last too long :) Any combination of DKs would seriously crank out the damage.